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Activate your life with Javita


Enjoy wellness and never forget it! Javita Wellness offers beverages with benefits for all areas  in health such as Weight Managment, Joint health, Energy and Immune boost.  The concept is Liquid Health on the Go!


Its Tea blends and Coffee Blends are the perfect fit for everyday life, for anytime, anywhere you go. Products are kosher and gluten free; the coffee is alkaline and infused with the popluar fruit- garcinia cambogia, as well as the Control Water Blends. Now you can enjoy what you do everyday for health and weight management hot or cold.


We also welcome you to try our Belgium, Hot Cocoa for children and adults, infused with healthy herbs that enhance cognitive skills, memory, focus and attention. It has helped many with ADD, ADHD & pre-alzheimer's. Testimonies have been sent to the corporate office thru blogs and media with studies showing improvements in energy and mental clarity!


They are packaged individually for on-the-go and easy to open. All of our products are convenient and attracting thousands of people around the world, as coffee is a worldwide habit!  


Our 3 & free program is online, so you can learn how to get your tea and coffee, free each month with your very own website! Click below to order. Learn more about our health and wellness here 

 Javita Coffee was featured on ABC news, in 2013.

                                              see video clip here-                                    


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